Personal Tax

Whether you’re sole trader, company director, or a member of a partnership, you’ll need to file a personal tax return. But the UK has one of the most complicated Tax codes in the world, and even this seemingly simple task can require a nuanced understanding.


At AccountantBookkeeping, we can take on the entire process, from calculating Income Tax liability based on your total taxable income, as well as:


  • PAYE.

  • Tax adjusted profits from an unincorporated business.

  • Savings and investments.

  • Completing and filing your returns to HMRC, acting as your agent.


Whatever your situation, we work hard to ensure your personal tax return is as it should be - accurate, on time, and completely painless.


Business Tax

When you’re starting up a new business, there are a range of new taxes you’ll need to understand. We can help you from both an advisory and practical perspective.


Our Business Tax Service includes:


  • An in-depth explanation of the principles (and nuances) of Business Income Tax.

  • Calculation of your trading profits or losses adjusted for tax purposes.

  • Expert advice on Business Tax planning.

  • Expert advice on all matters VAT.

Value Added Tax

VAT can be confusing. The rules and regulations are always changing, and the requirements to HMRC can often mean VAT compliance becomes a bit of an administrative headache.


That’s why we offer an affordable, efficient VAT service, providing maximum compliance with HMRC while keeping overpayments to zero.


This might include:


  • VAT registration.

  • VAT planning.

  • Control and Reconciliation.

  • Completing your VAT returns.

  • Thorough future planning.

  • Taking on any negotiations with HMRC if ever they are required.


Capital Gain Tax


Sometimes referred to as a ‘voluntary tax’, we can help you work out a process to help keep ensure you do not pay any more CGT than you need to.


So not only will we calculate the capital gains tax due, but we can also help you:


  • Claim what relief you may be eligible for.

  • Claim annul exemption or tax deductions.

  • Structure a plan to ensure payments are made no sooner than necessary.


And of course, we’ll complete all the paperwork, as well as liaising with HMRC to agree liability on your behalf.

Corporation Tax

Every Limited Company is subject to corporation tax.


In short, that means calculating profit for the accounting period and paying tax on that basis. Late payment or non-compliance can be met with hefty fines, so it is crucial that Corporation Tax is calculated and paid with complete accuracy, within the strict deadlines.


Our Corporation Tax service covers all your bases - from preparation of your accounts, tax calculation, and filing of your tax returns. Furthermore, we can advise you across the whole process, ensuring it always works for the benefit of your business.


Our service can help anyone who:


  • Owns or runs a limited company.

  • Has an overseas company with a UK branch.

  • Runs a club, co-operative or any other type of unincorporated association.


Inheritance Tax


Once considered a tax against the rich, the soaring housing market means Inheritance Tax now affects a large proportion of home-owners. That’s why it’s to so many people’s benefit to stay ahead of the game.


AccountantBookkeeping can advise you in terms of strategy to mitigate against potentially difficult decisions in future. And there are a range of options to help cushion the blow for anyone with assets above £500,000 - including property. We can help you structure a suitable plan to ease the process, as and when it may be required.


That could include:


  • A thorough consultation on the principles of Inheritance Tax.

  • How it applies to you and your family.

  • Calculation of Inheritance Tax due.

  • Strategic advice on Inheritance Tax planning.

Tax Planning

AccountantBookkeeping will go above and beyond to get your taxes just right. That means we will advise you through every part of the process. We do not do tax avoidance schemes. We do not do tax evasion.


Instead, we believe in an effective Tax Planning strategy that includes:


  • Identifying tax opportunities to your benefit.

  • Investing or Spending.

  • Employing or Subcontracting.


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